Season by season


Six 'seasons' rather than the traditional four are used here to provide a planting and garden

maintenance guide.

The suggested planting times are those used in our eastern suburbs property and based on the

guides produced some years ago by Graeme George for Permaculture Victoria's newsletter. Graeme is

a permaculture practitioner and teacher based in Healesville.

Even within the one city there is significant climate variation depending on things like topography and

tree cover. Backyards within any given suburb will have their own climates too, according to their

aspect, sun, shade, surrounding greenery and hard surfaces etc. As well as this, each individual

garden will have its own range of microclimates – a hotter area beside a heat trapping brick wall, a

cooler spot to the south of the house, a dry patch near a large tree.

And every year is different from the one before and the one that will follow: we have hot, dry summers

as well as milder, wetter ones; we may have a long, warm autumn one year while in the next year

summer seems to vanish into winter with hardly a glimpse of autumn gentleness. Wonderful spring

rains can fill water tanks to overflowing one year while in the next year we head into summer with no

water to spare.

So these seasonal guides are only guides. We each need to experiment on our own bit of land (or

balcony, or courtyard) and learn what works best there.

We will have failures, and often these will be a consequence of' 'unseasonable' weather. These are for

learning from, not to make us give up in disillusionment!

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Early Spring

Late Spring

Early Summer

Late Summer