A few of our projects 

Erin's garden

Erin's vegetable garden has grown from weed patch to a productive food garden

with weekly gardening 'lessons' as part of the family's home school program.

Now it needs to cater for a gardener who is losing her sight.

See how it is evolving here.

August 2014      

The first day's work: clearing the weeds.

The garden beds had been built and filled with high quality soil, but enthusiasm and confidence waned so the weeds took over.

How satisfying when the first bed was cleared!

The piles of weeds needn't go to waste - they will break down in the compost bin.


October 2014      

All the beds are clear of weeds - well more or less. There will still be seeds and it will take some time before all the couch grass has been dealt with.

Pea straw has been spread to mulch three of the newly cleared beds and a piece of weld mesh is serving as a climbing frame for a row of young snow peas.

Potatoes have been planted under the straw in the back left bed.

The front bed has no mulch. Even is the gentle spring weather it became apparent that this soil was much drier than that in the beds with the straw.


December 2014    

The peas are nearly finished, the potatoes are providing meals, beans are making their way up two more weld mesh climbing frames, broccoli and cabbage are looking good.

The far bed is planted out with self sown tomatoes from the compost, silverbeet and parsley are producing seed in the second back bed.

Along the fence zucchinis and cucumbers are growing in a no-dig style bed of manure and straw.

By January this garden is producing abundantly: cherry tomatoes, beans, zucchinis and cucumbers. The snow peas often didn't make it to the kitchen. Kale has been regularly picked for green smoothies, and the beds have been bright with zinnias, calendulas and gladioli.

Plans are afoot for a berry and hop bed, and seeds have been collected for coriander, silverbeet, parsley and lettuce for future plantings.

See Erin's blog, 'Garden School':  www.Clarabelcollege.org  

Laura's garden 

This is a small backyard, though larger than most units have.

Facing north, it is a hot spot in summer.

Broad beans are already growing in the raised bed along the north fence.

Laura wants to grow food for herself and her family.

Two raised beds have been constructed using ecowood - arsenic free treated pine.

The beds have been filled with layers of lucerne, manure and straw and sit atop the scoria.

Lightweight frames have been added to support bird netting, and wire mesh frame has been attached to the fence for climbing beans.

Tomatoes, silverbeet, beans and zucchinis have been planted.

Four polystyrene boxes have been set up as wicking or self-watering gardens.

These are for herbs and salad greens that need constant moisture to do well.

Polypipe hoops will support terylene curtaining to keep white butterflies at bay and to provide some protection form the hot summer sun.

Milk crates with ecowood posts as cross beams make a cheap and functional stand.

Here is the whole set up.

This garden suffered during the summer of 2013/14 because of the extended periods of hot, hot weather.

Tomatoes and beans don't set fruit in extreme heat.

We hope for a gentler summer his year!