Growing and collecting seeds

Collecting your own seeds for future crops, or for the kitchen is not only economical, but plants from

seeds grown in your own garden will be acclimatised to your growing conditions.

The flowers of many food crops are very attractive to bees and other beneficial insects, and so add to

the diversity of insect life in your garden.

Parsley, coriander, parsnips and carrots (below, clockwise from top left) flower prolifically and produce

a great deal of seed now. Not only are the flowers beautiful, and growing tall as they do, make quite a

statement in the garden, but bees and other beneficial insects love them.

Save the seed of coriander and dill for flavouring food: clean it of extraneous matter, seal in an airtight

container and freeze overnight to ensure no unwanted critters hatch in your spice bottle and munch on

the seeds.

Save seeds from all these plants - parsley too - for future crops. Adding a moth ball to the seed

container for a week or so will keep unwanted bugs at bay. Don't eat these ones though. Moth balls

aren't good for people either.