How much will it all cost?

One-off sixty-minute consultation: $50

Standard hourly rate: $30

Written report and sketch plan: $75


If you are setting up your vegie garden from scratch, here's how it might work:

    1.  Initial visit to your property to discuss your needs and make a plan.  (Two hours recommended.)
    2.  Construction of your no-dig vegie patch: you can organise this or we can work suggest a


    3.  Planting out of seasonal seeds or seedlings.

    4.  Follow up visit(s) if needed eg to prepare the bed for and plant out the next season's crops. Or

         ongoing assistance and mentoring if that is what you need.

         All payments must be made on the day of service, with an advance payment for

         the cost of any materials.

Note that the costs are estimates.  Every person's situation will be a little different, and material costs

do vary from time to time (mostly they increase unfortunately!)

Initial visit:                      $50 for the first hour. We recommend you allow two hours for the first visit.

Hourly rate thereafter:   $30 per hour

Materials:                        Costs will vary according to size of garden bed and will include a delivery cost.

                                         Expect about $200 - $300 for a 2.4m x 1.2m garden bed 300mm in height with

                                         a light-weight timber frame and a no-dig style filling.


Seeds/seedlings:           We can supply some seeds and seedlings depending on availability.                                  

Optional extras:             Bitumen sealant (extends life of timber frame)

                                         Plastic lining (root barrier - extends life of timber frame)

                                         Simple manual irrigation set-up

                                         Light-weight frame for bird netting

                                         Frame for beans/peas

                                         Worm tower (in situ worm farm)


Once your vegetable garden is set up, you will get years of use from it, and many kilograms of food.
Probably the most important part of this process is you learning how to set up your garden bed: how to

select  the right plants for the season, how to plant them out and how to manage your new vegie plot.

Other edging options:

Vegie gardens can be made without frames but the

filling will tend to spill and spread as the birds scratch

around the edges.  Some sort of frame is more


A timber frame looks good, but other materials can be


Logs that you have lying around will make a solid

edging. Thick ones are best, or ones that can be

stacked to make an edge 300mm - 400mm in height.

Bricks can be used to make an edging although if

you want a professional finish with the bricks

properly laid and mortared, you should engage an

experienced bricklayer for this part of the job.

A cheap option is 300mm plastic root barrier.  It will

flop a bit, even with supporting stakes, but if cheap is

what you need, and appearance is less important,

root barrier is fine.

You may have other materials that could do the job

of framing your vegetable bed: ask us about these.